Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mental Stress 101by WCB of Alberta

( This posting was originally placed May 2011 )

For the past 6 out of 10 years I have had many thoughts pertaining to WCB and their actions, lost many hours sleep due to nightmares or frustration, the mind games that are played by them makes me feel like they are attempting to make me lose control of my thoughts. Why? I think so they can say I am a threat to their safety, as they have done to many other injured workers. I am not allowed to enter their building to pickup cheques, why I don't know? I never threatened them, but they write down what ever they feel at the time. I have found that if I rebuttal any conversation to my claims manager, I am them penalized by slow down of progress of my claim or payments not sent out at scheduled time, but the excuses are constant; waiting on supervisor consent, computer is down on the cheque writer,file is in assistance hands etc; none of this is on paper which is why I no longer communicate via telephone. To many conversations were re-written out of context or not even posted on my file. Managers claiming that their hands are tied yet an assistant is able to accomplish what manager claimed they could not; or stating that they are unable to change another claims managers decision, yet many changes have been made. Mangers refusing professionals or my request's ; 5 years later it is claimed as "offered" though I chose a different path; regardless of what was on file years before; becomes official statement.That pertained to the first academic training, which was I unable to compete in. It was the second academic training, less then a year later, is the reason of my criminal charges.
I attempt to start my own business, only to be told "I know nothing of business", therefore you must go to "Business Administration"! Academically challenged ? need the upgrading in order to compete academically? NO!, pass, fail or dropout we (WCB) are done with you. All that was 5 years ago and I am still dealing with the aftermath. Just now priorities are to catch up with what little I receive, after no financial income for 6 months, which was social assistance. I am again under investigation due to WCB keeping 100% of benefits and informing social assistance that I was in receipt of said benefits: yearly income statement from WCB is less then what we received from assistance monthly. Manipulation of information which caused Zero income for my family, which is under enough hardship due to 2 physically restricted members of the family, one adult , one child.
It is pathetic the way WCB Alberta is allowed to operate, they are like little children allowed to play without parental supervision.

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