Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How the Alberta Government deals with Activism

I had a break down on September 30th 2011, with all the fighting against/with the Alberta WCB, Alberta Government and the RCMP. Over corruption and illegal acts that seemed to be supported by the 3 mentioned above, no matter the evidence I had shown, nothing was done. Having my benefits with-held for the umteenth time and going to Social Services for assistance, only to be cutoff and investigated for fraud by the S.S. My wife ( re: other postings here for whole story) being forced out to work away from home, children to raise and the added stress of our community & friends; who belittled me in public, infront of my family and too my wife, niether of us could take the pressures anymore. I had tried to start my own business which Alberta WCB put a stop too, along with repremanding me for not getting employment by deducting my benefits yearly ( deemed employment ) and employer's refusing to hire me due to being a liability ( rise of premiums).

I had no future, for myself or my family as a whole, so I decided to remove the burdens of our family, which were my self and our house ( which was bought site unseen & should have been condemed ). I was then Hospitalized until I saw a future for myself, my self-esteem was rebuilt and was able to handle life again. At which time I turned myself in to the local Police as I was facing charges for Arson ( they didn't seem to care about the suicide attempt). I was later sent to the Alberta Hospital for a Fitness for Trial Evaluation, of which the Dr. seemed anoid that my lawyer (1st lawyer) wanted me to be Criminally not Responcible for my actions due to the extremedepression & anxiety that I had been facing ( others reconize the symptoms but the patient doesn't). The Dr. refused to accept the C.n.R and stated that I had no Mental Health issues( original treating Dr. states otherwise then & now) ; yet informed me that I was"Not Thinking Clearly" and placed me on a cocktail of drugs that could have caused a heart attack or stroke. He told me other things as well, that were to me out of this world; in my mind it was "What Planet is this guy from ?" He told me things that were nowhere near my way of thinking, the drugs he had me on, along with his constant version of what I was thinking; created more problems for me & my family. To the point of of my family being in fear of my release, as unknowningly ,I began to repeat/ act out his suggestions via telephone. This is the condition I was put into & sent out to court, if I was accused of shooting JFK, I would have plead guilty.

I lost almost 3 months memory: Christmas 2011, I was in Alberta Hospital Edmonton; March 2012 I was in Calgary, with no memory of how I got there. Which is when I was taken off the drugs, not due to my safety or well being, but because it was too expensive. It wasn't until April 2012 that I found out about the phone calls from me to my wife.

May 2012 I found out that my psycologist had contacted the local police on September 30th, 2011 to arrest me under a form 10 of the Alberta Mental Health Act as I was suicidal, that was at 11:30 am, 6:30pm was the time they arrested me, after I attempted suicide and lit the fire. It appears that "K Division" the head office of the RCMP, had told the local detachment to stand down and let me do what I had planned.

June 2012 I found out what the subject was that I had said in the phone calls to my wife around Christmas, to this day I still do not know exactly what I had said, I can only go by what little I remember, of what the Dr. at Alberta Hospital had been telling me.

My lawyer (2nd lawyer) talked me out of taking it to trial, they "didn't want to call in a bunch of Dr.'s" they only wanted the witnesses from the crown, I felt that this may be the best for me as I felt that I was facing a prejudiced court, so I made a plea bargin, which was not followed in the way my lawyer lead me to believe. While all this time I was and still am feeling the side effects of the drugs, which may be permenant.

Moral of this story is: if they can't screw your life up enough to force you to do as they want,  and you take a stand against thier corruption, they will screw your life up even more by making sure your family abandons you.

There is much more to this, as all this was done under the Jurisdiction of the Alberta Government.